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History of Keris Jawa

Keris Jawa, Javanese traditional weapons as typify high aesthetics, which has the meaning seremonial superior metallurgy and technology, in addition to the antiques that are very valuable. Keris is a masterpiece of the cultural heritage of Indonesia is valued and able to hit people of the world.As a work of art in existence with a sharp weapon of typical one in the world, there is a keris in almost all areas archipelago.

Keris is something very close, especially with Javanese culture. In "Legend Java" said that to become a man of sterling, then someone must have five things, namely: a keris inheritance; a horse, pet birds, a woman and a house.

Keris Jawa in culture is seen and treated as a "symbol" and "status" for the owner, not as a "killer tool" (Martial Weapon). Almost every family aristokrat it, be they have a Keris Pusaka Family, who have flooded the special-potency. Have a Keris Pusaka, require someone to meet the various rituals, one of them is a ritual bathing the keris, which are generally made each year and it depends on all the owners, how they do it.

Keris problem complexity is also not easily result in ownership of the keris issue for someone, that do not have easy personal goods other. To have a keris that has cultural significance, require someone to do some rituals, to make sure that the keris is "be" with the owner and how the next maintenance is expected by the in-Keris.

Stories from the Babad Tanah Jawa said that after the adult Ciung Wanara submitted by Ki Buyut to serve on the blacksmith's palace, I know after working blacksmith and make a lot of weapons keris, swords, kudi, cleaver. Then Ciung Wanara dangle make the bed with a trellis made of iron, called Central Sawo. After that Ciung Wanara serve the king Pajajaran Arya Bangah. Because many meritorious Ciung wanara was the name Most Wide. Indeed, the iron bed berterali can avenge the king Pajajaran Arya Bangah. which then float in a river to Karawang. Ciung Wanara become king of the Pajajaran, titled Harya Many Wide. Then the fight with a Arya angah brother Jaka Sesuruh. Jaka Sesuruh losers fled from Pajajaran to East Java.

In the kingdom of East Java Kediri until the period of the history of the keris Singhasari appear dim, but note that due to the belief that new Tantrayana, the keris during the growing reach of the. Keris was the short form of fat tends to have a width such as Buddha or the keris Katga changed at this time although slim uga masihtampak dempakdan sangkuk. For example kerises Jenggala and Singhasari, in relief in the temple Panataran, keris is more slender shape.

In the book Pararaton obtained information about the extraordinary keris. Tumapel crisis with the leaders Ken Angrok a mob of children Endog Ken trusted bead god Brahma, the great history. Scripture Pararaton give a lot of information about the keris. Because Ken Angrok fall in love with Ken musk, women who are forced to become his wife Akuwu Tunggul Ametung. To kill the stump Ametung Ken Angrok keris sakti order to master Gandring, Keris Gandring master and start eating the victim, is the first master Gandring, then Tunggul Ametung, Keboijo, Ken Anggrok own, Anusapati Panji, Panji Tohjaya, and Ranggawuni, keris master Gandring So, eat the seven victims have been among Angrok own Ken and to his posterity. But Ken has successfully Angrok subduct Singhasari Kingdom, the sequel to the derivative and then forward it will become kings afterwards. Because of the book which is called the book Ceritera Pararaton. In this event the keris is a weapon awl and a role in determining the history. Fiber pararaton that scandalize found this written on keropak or Ron Tal in kawi. Ceritera this research into a Dutch scholar named Brandes, and been translated in the Dutch.

Keris so many roles in the history of this nation. This in fact only a few to bring all-round role in the history of the keris. large part of the history of the Indonesian people for the knowledge it needed an extended period of time, effort and cost. Of course, experts and lovers of the keris is fully understand abaout the problem. Moreover the present time, the keris is deemed to be property of the world.

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